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GHOSTPROD-USE is unique production collaboration under basement music label. There identity is imprinted in the music they compiled together. so for now, know this - This is the first, none the last time,  That you will hear new stuff from this underground project. that being said: make your ears comfortable, sit down  and buckle up. The first chapter of this new story is unraveling - outta nowhere... 


DJ Shifts debut EP on the basement music carries two emotional tracks in its heart.  1st track is called Deeper and it speaks for the genre itself, by name. Whilst 2nd track is a remembrance of the lost lives through soft tunes and emotional melody. Enjoy and open your heart.



Hoffman - From DEEP EP

Hoffman is coming back  from his long dream sequence and absoulutely clearly Manifests he is still beiing alive. The sounds from the depths of his mind are clear statement. Enjoy this EP containing 2 deep, atmospheric tracks from hoffman, dj and producer from slovakia.


deaftra ft born & shishco CAN WE GO BACK

deaftra At a young age, has played on trumpet at art school, then he flipped to the metalcore scene and have played bass and guitar for a long time in a band. Then the big change came. When he first time heard dubstep tracks from artists like Skream and Benga, he knew "thats it". He wanted to know more about electronic music, music production, and things around this culture. He learned the basics, he improved his knowledge over time and then he realized that he can make his own music by himself. The Result is hard electronic music that will shake the ground around the globe. This specific track is out of his drum and bass closet portfolio. enjoy this melodic ride, full of vocals, rythm and real instruments in this very special collaboration of artists single called - can we go back. 



numa be ft monss - Angels

Angels je trek, ktorý som napísal niekoľko rokov dozadu a konečne sa mi podarilo ho dokončiť spolu s Monss-om, ktorému som za to nesmierne vďačný. Anjeli väčšinou nemajú krídla a stretávame ich každý deň. Je to tých pár ľudí vo vašom najbližšom kruhu, ktorí vás nikdy neopustia napriek všetkým okolnostiam. To sú skutoční anjeli!


monss ft mc fedora & mr.twynkee  basement anthem

It was year 2022, global pandemic for the first time in two years gave us a break and we felt happy to enjoy summer festivals. Amongst them the biggest and the mightiest let it roll festival. we had an amazing opportunity to host a  pop-up stage at LIR2022 and so we decided to open the sets with a very specific track. monss came with an idea to create an anthem from our own production. and so, monss, mr. twynkee, and also mc fedora gave their vocals. Raven helped with some lyrics and this little fine monss-ter design was born in our studio. the track is very specific, devide into different genre sections. its our lovely frankenstein, sort of. after let it roll we decided it to give this track for free, you can download it from our platforms for free.

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