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BASEMENT is a movement of musicians, DJs, producers and artists who have been actively creating audiovisual, cultural and musical events or other artistic collaborations over 11 years united together and also individually. The name of the movement itself was originally the name of a regular electronic event happening in an underground club in Nitra. Eventually Basement crew have created open airs, 3 festivals and gradually many new people joined over the years, who to this day still make up the entire background of the movement.

Together, we have formed a brand, a studio and forever entered the chronicles of the undergound clubs and festivals music scene in Slovakia and abroad. Last year 2022, we have also finally pulled together our own music production label - BASEMENT MUSIC.

The word BASEMENT has many meanings for us and unites many people. We are night owls. we come out of the basement after dusk and we pull everyone in the basement before dawn. We are a tribe of artists from Slovakia. Check out our pages and come visit our events.

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